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It’s Christmas for Goodness Sakes…

December 24, 2011 Comments off


It’s Christmas, for goodness sake! Think about the baby Jesus… up in that tower, letting his hair down… so that the Three Wise Men can climb up and spin the dreidel and see if there’s six more weeks of winter.”–Karen Walker






LDS Bigots ban “cross-gender” children’s Halloween Costumes as inappropriate!

October 29, 2011 Comments off

No cross gender costumes for Mormons

Sandy Utah- Fliers announcing the local Mormon Ward house Halloween event, known as Trunk or Treat was tainted with Devilish hatred and bigotry. The fliers prohibit children from attending the event if they choose a cross-gendered costume. Scott Trotter, spokesperson for the Mormon church assumes the ban "was a means to promote appropriate dress." The local Bishop ( Mormon Bishops are similar in authority to Ministers in Christianity) Dennis Toone says "anyone who doesn’t like it doesn’t have to come.”

Clearly the sanctity of traditional Halloween is under attack. If children are allowed to dress in cross gender costumes Halloween would end as we know it. If a 4 year old girl is dressed as the tin man or a 5 year old boy dressed as a witch it’d be a dark evil road our children may never recover from. What would be next? Children dressing up as animals? Lions, tigers and bears? OH MY!!!

The homophobic bigoted insecurities of a few narrow minded women who published this flier are an insult to fair-minded citizens. We cannot allow such hatred and insecurities to taint innocent young children’s minds. This "church" with the support of its local leadership is sanctioning hate, discrimination and bigotry as acceptable societal norms and it must NOT be tolerated.,0,460827.story

Bachmann’s Won’t Discuss their Clinic’s Gay Reparative Therapy Program

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The Bachmann’s refuse to acknowledge their clinic (which accepts Government funding) performs Reparative Therapy.  This practice is frowned upon by reputable experts.  Bachmann has built her political career on defaming LGBT people.

Washington DC Is The “District of Christ”‬‏ Says Rick Perry’s Buddy

July 13, 2011 1 comment

Texas Governor Perry’s All-Star Hags of Hate

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Former LDS Man Claims Evergreen International is a Suicide Mill for Gays

July 11, 2011 1 comment

Evergreen International, a separate but closely tied ‘therapy’ center with the Mormon Church is located in Salt Lake City, UT.  They’re well known for assisting LDS members with what the Mormon‘s term ‘same sex attraction‘ a way to correct their disorder.  The effects of this intensive therapy (which often includes shock therapy) can be detrimental if not life threatening for many who undergo this draconian torture.


Christian Extremists Think Learning LGBT History will Convert Children to Homosexuality

July 11, 2011 1 comment

True Christians recognize the diversity in everyone.  Christian Extremists who use biblical ideals to scare people into donating to their ’cause’ are just doing nothing more than pimping for their organization and bastardizing everything that Christianity stands for…