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Overnight app helps find a place to crash in the City

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NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)– We’re all becoming accustomed to getting what we want with the touch of an app. From car service to a grocery delivery, our daily needs really require no advanced planning. Now it’s possible to book an overnight stay the same way and waiting until the last minute can even save you money, CBS2’s…

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Beachside Bomb in Jersey

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Idaho Media Brushes Boise Gay Pride Festival Under the Rug-Just like Idaho Legislature Brushes LGBT Rights Under the Rug

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English: Boise Pride 2011 at the Idaho capitol.

English: Boise Pride 2011 at the Idaho capitol. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It wasn’t enough back in February 2012 for Idaho’s anti-modern family and anti-human rights leaders in the

 Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee to kill legislation which would have added protections for gay, lesbian and transgendered individuals in Idaho… much to the shock, anger and sadness to LGBT Human Rights supporters.

via Idaho Senate Committee Kills Legislation to Add Protections for Gay and Lesbian Citizens.

Today is the annual LGBT Pride Parade in Boise Idaho.  But wait, where’s the media coverage of the event?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Local ‘breaking news’ websites such as KTVB mention nothing about the struggle for equality and first class citizenry so blatently disregarded in a state brimming with legislative bigotry and anti-equality values.  They are happy to report on their community pages such marked events as the Dairy Parade.

Well, fortunately because of the internet, traditional  media organizations such as KTVB of conglomerate BELO Companies no longer have control over the flow of information in their area.

Today is a courageous day.  A passionate day, a liberating day, and a day of political will… A day for PRIDE.   Today is the day where LGBT and supporters UNITE to show solidarity in common causes such as Same Sex Marriage, Equal Protections under the 14th amendment and the end of local “Jim Crow” laws.  We gather and march to celebrate the defeat of legislated bigotry such as DOMA, DADT, and California’s Proposition 8.  and a mark in time to remind Idaho and America that it’s time as a nation of people from various cultural, religious, ethic and social backgrounds to support individuals as they shed their fears and stand up for who they really are!

Here are photo’s of today’s Boise Pride Parade passed on by an LGBT supporter (Pat B.) and an outstanding show of support from one of Idaho’s largest local companies.  SUPERVALU Inc. under the grocery Banner of Albertson’s had an amazing turnout and supported the equal rights causes of LGBT citizens across the state of Idaho.

As you can see there was a fantastic turnout of support from the community!

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Oh, and by the way.  If you’re frustrated about the lack of local attention this event is receiving contact the following traditional media outlets:


Idaho Statesman

If you’re frustrated about the bigotry and anti-human rights record of the Senate State Affairs Committee here’s how you contact them as well:

Senate State Affairs Committee

Senator  Curt  McKenzie (R) – Chair   E-mail

District 12, Nampa
412 W. Franklin St., Boise, 83702
Bus (208) 344-4379
FAX (208) 331-2150

Senator  Denton  Darrington (R)   E-mail

District 27, Declo
302 S. Hwy. 77, Declo, 83323
Home (208) 654-2712

Senator  Bart  Davis (R)   E-mail

District 33, Bonneville
2638 Bellin Circle, Idaho Falls, 83402
Home (208) 529-4993
Bus (208) 522-8100
FAX (208) 522-1334

Senator  Brent  Hill (R)   E-mail

District 34, Rexburg
1010 S. 2nd E., Rexburg, 83440
Home (208) 356-7495

Senator  Russell  Fulcher (R)   E-mail

District 21, Meridian
P.O. Box 1166, Meridian, 83680-1166
Bus (208) 332-1340
FAX (208) 332-1422

Senator  Chuck  Winder (R)   E-mail

District 14, Boise
5528 N. Ebbetts Ave., Boise, 83713
Home (208) 853-9090
Bus (208) 866-0113

Senator  Patti Anne  Lodge (R)   E-mail

District 13, Canyon
P.O. Box 96, Huston, 83630
Home (208) 459-7158

Senator  Edgar  Malepeai (D)   E-mail

District 30, Pocatello
585 S. 19th, Pocatello, 83201
Home (208) 232-2702

Senator  Michelle  Stennett (D)   E-mail

District 25, Ketchum
P.O. Box 475, Ketchum, 83340
Home (208) 726-8106

The Wedding Dance- By Elliot London

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Maxime Mermoz for DDSP

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8: A Play about the Fight for Marriage Equality

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Dustin Lance Black

Dustin Lance Black (Photo credit: Paul Schreiber)

I just finished watching Dustin Lance Black‘s play “8” which was streamed live on YouTube.  Since the public has never had the opportunity to view the video footage of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals review of the Prop 8 trial (anti-civil rights organizations have fought to prevent it from being aired) this play is even more powerful.  I especially liked the theme that they were putting “Fear and Prejudice on Trial”.

Streamed live on Mar 3, 2012 by 

Featuring an all-star cast including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Martin Sheen, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jane Lynch, Kevin Bacon and others, “8” is a play written by Academy Award winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black and directed by acclaimed actor and director Rob Reiner. It is a powerful account of the case filed by the American Federation for Equal Rights (AFER ) in the U.S. District Court in 2010 to overturn Proposition 8 [LINK], a constitutional amendment that eliminated the rights of same-sex couples to marry in the state of California. Framed around the trial’s historic closing arguments in June 2010, 8 provides an intimate look what unfolded when the issue of same-sex marriage was on trial.

Here’s the full length play published on You Tube with video clips of the arguments.


Fierce and Fabulous in London

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