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Pride isn’t just a ‘Party’ it’s How you Should Live Daily

June 29, 2014 Comments off

From San Francisco to New York the LGBT community and their friends are celebrating Gay Pride this weekend.

As wonderful as it is, there are so many rural areas of the country where there is no parade,no Pride flags hanging and no support groups rallying for equality. But that doesn’t mean the fight for equality is relegated to the cities.

Every one of us can and should carry the ideals of Pride to every corner of this great country. It’s each individual’s actions that carry those ideals forward. Whether you’re out and proud in small town America, act as a role model to others in the work place, or by just being yourself and changing the hearts and minds of neighbors, family and friends you advance the opportunity for equality.

The parades celebrate how far we have come but it’s up to each of us on a daily basis to continue to build a future for the next generation so they can live their lives without prejudice, without bullying and without fear of losing their jobs.

I’m constantly reminded and motivated by the words of Harvey Milk.

It takes no compromising to give people their rights. It takes no money to respect the individual. It takes no survey to remove repressions.

Now go… Go celebrate Pride in your own way, enjoy how far we’ve come and continue the daily fight for full equality!


CBOT Traders- “We Are the One Percent!”

October 20, 2011 1 comment

The Occupy Chicago demonstrations are still going strong even after Chicago City Police arrested 175 demonstrators for spending the night in Chicago’s 319 acre Grant Park.

CBOT Trader Sign

As protestors marched past the CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade); traders dropped leaflets saying “We are the 1% Paying for This”…

I guess the traders have already forgotten December 16th 2005 when CBOT laid-off 5% of their workforce after technology made their jobs redundant.  Perhaps it’s time for another round of cuts to refresh their memories!

Chicago Sun Times

December 16, 2005

CBOT to lay off 40

…On the same day that its share price fell by more than 4 percent,

the Chicago Board of Trade said Thursday it will lay off 40

people….The cutbacks affect about 5 percent of the exchange’s work

force and should be completed by Dec. 31, the exchange said after the

market’s close. CBOT President Bernard Dan said extensive spending on

technology made the jobs expendable.

via Google Answers: Chicago-area job cuts.

Honda Calls for Hearing on Republican’s Legal Tab of $1.5m Spend to Defend Discriminatory Law

October 19, 2011 1 comment
Mike Honda

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WASHINGTON DC – Today, US Congressman Mike Honda (CA-15), Ranking Member of the House Legislative Branch Appropriations Subcommittee, sent a letter to the Subcommittee’s Chairman calling for a hearing to shine light on the House Republican Leadership’s irresponsible, backdoor use of taxpayer money to pay the private law firm Bancroft PLLC to represent the House in support of the constitutionally-questionable Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).  After having Bancroft PLLC blow through the original cap of half a million dollars, the House Republican Leadership recently modified the contract, likely tripling the cost for the American taxpayer to $1.5 million.  During a time of professed fiscal responsibility, the House Republican Leadership has chosen to continue to spend taxpayer money to protect discrimination through a process that has lacked any semblance of transparency.

via Rep Honda Calls for Hearing on Republican Leadership’s Legal Tab of $1.5m in Taxpayer Money to Defend Discriminatory DOMA Practices.

Pentagon Suspends DADT in Wake of Court Ruling

July 9, 2011 Comments off
Seal of the United States Department of Defense

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The Pentagon has ordered a halt to all separations of gay troops under “don’t ask, don’t tell” and will begin accepting applications from prospective recruits who identify themselves as homosexuals.

The moratorium issued Friday came after a ruling Wednesday by a federal appeals court in California ordering the Defense Department to immediately stop enforcing the law. The court said the law is unconstitutional because it treats gay Americans differently under the law.

Meanwhile, defense officials will continue to prepare for the law’s formal repeal, which Congress approved in December. The law will be formally repealed 60 days after the defense secretary and chairman of the Joint Chiefs “certify” that it will not adversely impact military readiness.

via Pentagon suspends DADT in wake of court ruling – Army News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq – Army Times.


Santorum and Bachmann Sign Anti-Gay, Anti-Porn, Pro-Slavery Vow

July 9, 2011 2 comments
United States Senator Rick Santorum, sponsor o...

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Republican presidential contenders Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum have lined up behind a new pledge focused on social issues put forth by Bob Vander Plaats, a former candidate for governor who now reigns as a conservative kingmaker in the Hawkeye State. Vander Plaats heads the Iowa-​based Family Leader, a conservative group. Signing “The Marriage Vow — A Declaration of Dependence Upon Marriage and Family” is a requirement for earning the organization’s endorsement. Standing behind the pledge entails supporting a “federal Marriage Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which protects the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman.” Among other things, it also means backing a ban on pornography.”

via Santorum Follows Bachmann, Signs Anti-Gay, Anti-Porn, Pro-Slavery Vow | The New Civil Rights Movement.

It’s virtually impossible to add any commentary here, when their bigoted actions speak for themselves.

God save America from the likes of Bachmann, Santorum and Vander Plaats.

Is America Ready for a Utah Mormon Republican Pro-Gay Civil Union Candidate?

July 9, 2011 2 comments
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Jon Huntsman, former Utah Governor and multi-billionaire is not only seeking the Republican nomination for President, but quite possibly, endorsement from the LGBT community.

Just like cavemen, Jon and the Republican party are trying to evolve (well, whenever it’s politically advantageous to do so…).

[Jon]Huntsman has voiced his support for civil unions and other equality measures such as non-discrimination protections for members of the LGBT community. However, he has not gone so far as to endorse full marriage equality and he supported a 2004 measure that added an amendment to the Utah constitution banning same-sex marriages.

“I am where I am on civil unions. Some will like it. Some will not … We have not done an adequate job in terms of equality and fairness where it comes to reciprocal beneficiary rights,” Huntsman told talk-show host Sean Hannity.


As public opinion sways toward supporting pro-LGBT legislation, more and more Republicans are coming out in support of civil unions, non-discrimination laws and a more equal taxing structure, Clarke Cooper, the executive director of the Log Cabin Republicans, said.

via Huntsman seeks support from queer groups | QSaltLake – Utah’s Gay and Lesbian News and Entertainment Magazine.

Is America’s LGBT community ready to throw it’s weight behind a Mormon Republican whose ideals are ‘evolving’? And should we be?

In the Great State of Utah where morality is issued from a small one block section in the center of downtown Salt Lake City, Jon Huntsman was a moderate light at the end of a very dark tunnel for the LGBT community.  He supported fair-mindedness. A virtue often unavailable in an extremist political and religious culture that permeates the local Utah mentality.

As a multi-billionaire Governor in a small state, Huntsman never did enough to advance the human rights of the LGBT community.  He may have provided fair-minded rhetoric when politically advantageous, but he never put those dollars of his to work.  There’s no LGBT Huntsman Center, or Huntsman Act for non-discrimination or marriage equality.  This is a man who clearly had the political and financial clout to change the course of equal rights in this state, yet NEVER put his money where his mouth is…

As you begin forming opinions about candidates for President of this great country.  It’s important to remember that we’re not a democracy. We’re a Republic.  As such, you don’t vote for a man, you vote for a party.  Put your vote and your dollars to a party who represents your rights and the rights of other minorities and second-class citizens.

Unlike Jon Huntsman, most of us can’t afford to be a Republican.  Unless of course, you don’t want equal rights, first class citizenry or the right to employment and housing.  Think about that, before you ‘evolve’…

Human Rights Hate Groups Rally after Loss in NY

July 6, 2011 2 comments
National Organization for Marriage

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Opponents of the modern American family and civil rights are regrouping after being defeated in New York, which recently passed legislation allowing marriage for all citizens in their state.  However, these bigoted hate groups are using their defeat to scare American’s into donating to their cause by publishing fact-less anti-gay claims, using pseudo-scientific data by disreputable ‘scientific’ studies and lying to American’s that their own marriages are threatened.

Less than 24 hours after the New York Senate’s vote, made possible by four Republican defections, a leading anti-same-sex-marriage group started sending out defiant pleas for money.

“This fight is far from over,” the [SPLC Hate Group] National Organization for Marriage told supporters as it pledged to spend $2 million in 2012 to defeat New York’s four “turncoat senators” who “betrayed marriage.”

The organization, which says it expects to raise $20 million this year from Roman Catholic and evangelical Christian groups as well as individual donors, is gearing up for intense battles over same-sex marriage in several other states. So far, voters in 29 states have adopted constitutional amendments banning it.

Since the vote, the Family Research Council [another SPLC Hate Group], one of the largest conservative Christian advocacy groups, started hearing from more followers who wanted to defend traditional marriage, and officials said they expected a jump in donations.

“More than ever before, people are seeing this as a national issue,” said Tom McClusky, senior vice president of the council.

via Same-sex marriage foes rally forces with N.Y. law.

Battles for human rights and the rights of modern American families continue to heat up in Maryland, New Hampshire, Maine, and Minnesota where anti-American hate groups plan to dump millions of dollars in media blitzes selling their lies to an unsuspecting public.