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India’s Health Minister: Gays are a Disease from the West

July 5, 2011 1 comment
IBilateral Meeting with Secretary Sebelius and...

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Almost exactly two years after Indian courts issued the groundbreaking decision that decriminalized homosexuality in deeply historical (and homophobic) India, Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad remarked that homosexuality is a disease brought by the west.

Interestingly, homosexuality is well documented in religious texts far pre-dating ‘western’ civilization.


India‘s health minister is coming under international fire after declaring that homosexuality is a “disease” brought to the country by foreigners.

Ghulam Nabi Azad made the shocking remarks Monday at a conference on HIV/AIDS, which was attended by a slew of senior government officials, including Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

“Unfortunately, this disease has come to our country too … where a man has sex with another man, which is completely unnatural and should not happen, but does,” Azad said in New Delhi.

via India’s health minister, Ghulam Nabi Azad: homosexuality is a ‘disease’ from the West.


Britain to allow gay men to donate blood as Long as They Abstain from Sex for a DECADE!

April 10, 2011 Comments off

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British health officials said Sunday that gay men will soon be allowed to donate blood for the first time, reversing a decades-old ban.

Anne Milton, England’s health minister said the policy was being reversed because of concerns that it was discriminatory and could breach equality laws, The Telegraph newspaper reported.

However, there’s a catch:

According to the new policy, gay men who have not had sex with a man for the past 10 years will be allowed to donate. Sexually active gay men, though, will continue to be barred.

So what’s more discriminatory, not allowing gay men to give blood, or requiring gay men to abstain from sex for 10 years to give blood, all the while heterosexual men don’t have to abstain?

I wonder how they’ll handle all those heterosexual married men who’ve been letting gay men put their wankers in his dirt box?  Hmmm.  No risk there!  This whole thing smells of a British version of the State’s Jim Crow laws.

via Britain to allow gay men to donate blood; policy step forward from U.S., others, who ban gay donors.

Cindy Jacobs Says God Caused Earthquake Because Japanese Worship A Sun God

March 19, 2011 1 comment

Earthquake Aftermath


False Prophet Cindy Jacobs of Generals International claims God caused the recent devestation in Japan because the Japanese people and their Emporor worship the ancient sun god Amaterasu. Now before you bow down before Miss Cindy and her prophetic accuracy, remember she’s the same person who claimed that the U.S Governments repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell caused thousands of birds to fall from the sky in Arkansas.  With such an uncanny ability to see the future, I’m stunned she and her husband haven’t won the lottery several times.  Gambling for God can’t be a sin can it?

She claims Japan had been delivered by the American government and missionaries after World War II and prospered economically, but they’ve recently been shunning God and returning to their non-Christian roots.  She cites the Emporor has spent the night eating sacred rice and “spent the night” with the goddess as the beginning of the end for the Japanese.  Cindy implies that if the Japanese turn away from this practice and turn back to God, they’ll prosper again. 

Oh, and by the way, I’m sure a small donation from the Japanese people to Generals International will hasten their return to prosperity!

Here’s an excerpt of her most recent message:

Cindy Jacobs

The tragedy in Japan brings this prophetic shaking starkly to the forefront of the news. Many are asking the question, “What is taking place?”

First of all, I know that we must stand in the gap and pray for Japan. The enormity of the loss and the intensity of what has transpired will continue to unfold and it is hard to grasp with the natural mind.

What do we know? God had warned us that shaking was coming. This doesn’t mean that it was His desire for it to happen but more of the biblical fulfillment that He doesn’t do anything without first warning through His servants, the prophets. #Amos 3:7# In fact, I, along with others, prophesied volcanic eruptions would occur in the Pacific Rim.

Others might ask? Was this a judgment from God? This is a difficult question. I tend to think that God is grieved that so many have died because, no doubt, many of them did not know Him as the Savior. He is not willing that any should perish without knowing Him.

However, if we all pray and act in this crisis, I do believe that the Holy Spirit wants to breathe the wind of revival across Japan and bring a mighty spiritual awakening to the land of the rising sun with healing in His wings.

I have personally felt that one of the reasons Japan was such a hard group for the gospel was the fact that they have had a direct link with the Imperial family and a direct link with the sun goddess, Amaterasu.

 After the end of the second world war, under the U.S. agreements with Japan, this connection with Amaterasu was renounced. It is hard for those in the western world to understand the connection idolatry had with the suicide bombers in WWll as try dedicated their lives to the Emperor and this principality. After the nation no longer had this idolatrous connection, Japan flourished economically.

 However, of recent years, this link with Amaterasu and sun worship was reinstated in a ceremony in which the new Emperor once again participated and “spent the night with the goddess” after eating the sacred rice.

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PSA-Coming Out of the Closet

March 18, 2011 Comments off

Website Blaming Gays and Lesbians for Christchurch Quake Taken Off-Line

February 24, 2011 Comments off

Utah Hosted Website Claims Christchurch Earthquake is a Result of Gay and Lesbian Ski Week

February 24, 2011 1 comment

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An abhorrent website claims that the earthquake in ChristChurch is a result of God’s wrath against them for sponsoring a Gay and Lesbian Ski Week, which was to kick off the same day.  On the site are a plethora of anti-gay statements and misinformation.  The site is hosted by Provo Utah based according to a tracert of the site.

To the hundreds of thousands of people who suffered because of the Christchurch earthquake: Ask yourselves: “Was the profit from meals, accomodation and transport from 900 poofters and lesbians attending “Gay Ski Week” worth the $4 billion damage, worth the homes destroyed?

via Christchurch Earthquake – Judgement vs Warning – Lesbian Festival.

Here’s a screenshot of the trace:


New British Rules a Step in the Right Direction

February 20, 2011 Comments off

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The British Government moves closer to full same-sex marriage.  In their latest ruling, couples may now hold civil-unions inside of places of worship (with that religion’s consent).  It doesn’t go far enough to provide equal rights under the law compared to marriage, but they continue to move closer!

In Britain, gay couples may get a chance to go to the chapel and get married — almost.

The British government on Thursday announced plans to allow gay couples to hold civil partnership ceremonies in houses of worship — a move gay rights activists say is a step in the right direction towards marriage, but falls short of affording full equal rights.

The government stressed, however, that houses of worship can opt out if they wish.

Although marriage and civil partnership are already similar under British law, civil partnership ceremonies are currently not allowed to have religious references, are banned from places of worship, and must take place in a public building overseen by a government registrar.

The new rules, being introduced under British equality laws, will give same-sex couples the chance to hold civil partnership ceremonies in religious buildings — an option that did not exist for Mark Harrison and his partner, who wore traditional tailcoats to their ceremony at a north London town hall in May 2009.

via In Good Faith: Gay rights activists: New UK rules a positive step – In Good Faith: Christianity, Judaism, Islam and World Religions –