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Chick-Fil-A Continues to Be a Proud Antigay, Hate Group

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Chick-Fil-A Continues to Be a Proud Antigay, Hate Group.


Gay Scout Leaders Would be the End of Boy Scouts–Fischer Says

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Anti-Modern Family Utah School Board Implements Institutional LGBT Bullying

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Davis School District‘s Morality Code




FARMINGTON, Utah — About a dozen gay and lesbian parents and supporters attempted to speak to the Davis School Board about the controversial decision to yank a children’s book about lesbian mothers from bookshelves in the district.

The Davis School District pulled the book about children with two mothers from library shelves after some parents at a Kaysville elementary school circulated a petition to have it removed. A committee of parents, teachers and faculty made the decision to restrict access to it.

“I think it was the perfect decision,” board member Peter Cannon told FOX 13. “Because we do want to have some protection for our littler kids. But at the same time, we want to make the book still available. I love the idea of having parents have the decision as to how their children will be educated.”

via LGBT families protest decision to yank book from library shelves | – Salt Lake City, Utah News & Weather from KSTU Television FOX 13.

Peter CannonPeter Cannon. Your idea of perfection is seriously flawed.  You treat this book and those whom it exemplifies as something that needs protection against and should be put away in a closet unless specifically called upon!  This book celebrates diversity, inclusion and positivity.  This book promotes rather than suppresses the American modern family.  Simply because it doesn’t represent your narrow personal view does not make it poison to children.

As an educator it’s your responsibility to insure that children have the opportunity to learn there is more than one kind of family in America.  Children learning that there are different kinds of families and that they should be proud of those differences IS an educational opportunity which shouldn’t be suppressed by a committee.

Putting this book behind the counter is like the Nazi’s burning the Tora to protect German’s from Jewish lies. It’s time this State wake up and realize not all families are made up of a white mother, father and 6 kids. It should not be necessary for LGBT Utahns to check their civil rights at the school house door because it differs from an immoral committee which clearly doesn’t represent the interests of the child.

Pete… When you were in the Army, didn’t you take an oath to Defend the Constitution?  An oath you swore during your election campaign you’ve never renounced?  Last I checked, both the 1st Amendment as well as the 14th Amendment were part of that constitution.  Looks like another failed campaign promise by a politician.  Shocking!

If you’d like to contact the board and express your displeasure, below is their individual contact information:

Marian Storey
Marian Storey
Precinct 4

Tamara Lowe
Tamara Lowe
Vice President
Precinct 7

Barbara Smith
Barbara A. Smith
Board Member
Precinct 1

James Clark
James E. Clark
Board Member
Precinct 2

Peter Cannon
Peter Cannon
Board Member
Precinct 3

David Lovato
David Lovato
Board Member
Precinct 5

Burke Larsen
L. Burke Larsen
Board Member
Precinct 6

W. Bryan Bowles
Dr. Bryan W. Bowles
Superintendent of Schools
no pix
Andres C. Lancheros
Student Member
Woods Cross High

Rush Limbaugh Loses Sponsors Then Decides to Apologize to Sandra Fluke

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Two bedding companies on Friday dropped their sponsorship of Rush Limbaugh’s radio program in reaction to the sexist comments the host has hurled at a  college student and contraceptives coverage. Two more advertisers followed suit a few hours later.

Sleep Train and Select Comfort issued statements announcing that they would no longer associate themselves with Limbaugh, who called Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown student Republicans blocked from testifying about birth control, a “slut” and a “prostitute” on Wednesday. He went further on Thursday, saying that if women wanted contraceptives paid for by government insurance, they should post on the internet films of themselves having sex.

via Rush Limbaugh Loses Sponsors After Sandra Fluke Remarks Enrage – The Hollywood Reporter.

Obviously the loss of revenue has gotten Rush’s attention.  He’s since apologized to Sandra Fluke, not because he still doesn’t believe what he said is true, it’s just what adults do when it’s going to cost them money in their wallet!

Kirk Cameron Says Homosexuality is Unnatural and Destructive

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Janice Crouse: Gay Relationships Threaten Marriage

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Fischer claims Gays are a Heightened Security Risk

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