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NOMs Antigay Efforts Under Investigation

August 11, 2013
English: Iowa Supreme Court in Des Moines

English: Iowa Supreme Court in Des Moines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



The Iowa Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Board is currently investigating the group for hiding the identities of the people who give them money.The board is looking into actions of NOM during 2010 and 2012, when justices fought to keep their jobs three of seven were removed in 2010 by voters…

“This is just the latest example of how NOM doesn’t believe laws apply to them,” Human Rights Campaign vice president of communications Fred Sainz said in a release. “NOM has a penchant for portraying themselves as a grassroots organization, but their own tax returns tell a different story. Brian Brown and his antigay cohorts went into Iowa with the goal of intimidating justices all across the country.”

via NOMs Antigay Efforts in Iowa Have Them in Hot Water | Advocate.com.