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IL Rep Dist. #106 Josh Harms Vowed to Extend Personal Liberties-Unless You’re Gay!

April 4, 2013
Josh Harms Rep Dist 106

Josh Harms Rep Dist 106

Josh Harms, IL District #106 recently elected Representative ran on a platform of extending personal liberties among other things.   On the surface, a Representative who fights for individual liberties sounds like a good thing, pursuit of happiness and all that comes along with it.  But when you get down to it, Mr. Harms only fights for personal liberties that suit him, be damned if it’s for the good of the people of IL.

For example, his personal liberties platform statements like ‘regulation should only be applied when one person’s liberty is impending another person’s liberty’ is a counter statement to banning abortion (the personal liberty of the mother).  Additionally, he opposes the Religious Freedom and Marriage Equality Act.  An act that allows Churches to decide who they’ll marry and allows all legal age people in the state to marry the person of their choice.  How can you defend personal liberty when you’re more intent on taking personal liberties away from women and second class citizens?  Oh, and don’t give me the line how my constituents don’t support it.  First, you don’t put human rights up for popular vote, and 80% of Illinoisans believe that LGBT citizens should have equal rights.   As far as abortion goes, we have this little case law that you might have heard of, Row v Wade.  It insures the mother has personal liberties as well as a baby who can live outside the womb.



Mr. Harms’ Personal Liberties Platform (abbreviated)

A. School Reform

B. College Tuition

C. Law abiding individuals have a right to own firearms

D. Citizens have a Right to Life

    1. The 14th amendment of the United States Constitutions protects an unborn baby

    a. Abortion should only occur if the mother would die as a result of carrying the baby to term

E. State regulation should only be applied when one person’s liberty is impeding another person’s liberty

F. Party affiliation is not as important as the well-being of the citizens of the 106th district

G. State and Federal government have different responsibilities to the citizens of the country

H. There are instances, such as Nicor, where government institutions work better than private institutions

I.  The federal government has no jurisdiction in healthcare but the state does if it is the will of the people

J.  Citizens rights supersede alien’s rights

K. The State government has the right to protect the rights of consumers against fraudulent business practices

Josh grew up on a family farm outside of Watseka. He has been married to his wife, Rebecca, for 14 years. They have two children, Paul and Molly.

Josh graduated with a Bachelors degree from Illinois State University in 1997 and from Governors State University with a Masters Degree in 2007. Since then he has taught in Vermilion and Iroquois Counties and they live in Watseka. December of 2012 when he resigned from teaching to work full-time as a legislator for the people of Central Illinois.

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