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SWEETNESS: NOM Rally Against Marriage Equality Flops

March 27, 2013


A dying cause is gasping for breath!

Yesterday, the National Organization for Marriage held its long-heralded Marriage March and rally to oppose same-sex marriage on the National Mall. A litany of speakers reiterated claims about children’s need for one mother and one father, but the event largely failed to amass a wide coalition. NOM’s Thomas Peters claimed there were 15,000 attendees, while […] others claimed only 2,000.

Ironically, the rally was held one year to the day since NOM’s memo leaked revealing its intention to “drive a wedge” between the gay community and people of color, particularly by featuring people of color at their rallies and highlighting — i.e. overemphasizing — their visibility. The Marriage March exemplified that these efforts have not subsided in the least.

via National Rally Against Marriage Equality Flops.


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