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Sutherland Institute Peddles Questionable anti-LGBT Family Study as Reputable

June 21, 2012
Choose the Dorothy!

Choose The Dorothy!

University of Texas associate professor of sociology Mark Regnerus recently published a study that made several negative claims for the outcomes of children raised LGBT parents. Of course the local Uath based anti-LGBT hate group Sutherland Instituteand their BYU ‘educated’ staff jump at the chance to claim legitimacy for a study denouncing LGBT families.  On You Tube Bill Duncan says:

Last week, a reputable scholarly journal published a key study showing there are significant differences among children raised by gay and lesbian parents when compared to children raised by intact biological families. Bill Duncan, Sutherland Institute’s Director of the Center for Family and Society, says this study makes some important discoveries.

Study on Children of Parents In Same-Sex Relationships – YouTube.

Billy boy, I’m sorry but you’re betting the farm on the wrong associate professor.  Lets just start out with the fact that the study was funded by the Witherspoon Institute and Bradley Foundation ($695,000 and $90,000) respectively.  Why is that important?  It’s important because one of Witherspoon Institutes leadership members is fellow Robert P. George.  Robby is the Chairman Emeritus for the National Organization for Marriage and sits on the Board of Directors of the Bradley Foundation.  He used to sit on the Board of Directors for the Family Research Council. He’s dedicated his career to disparaging LGBT peopleand families.  The only way a study that has funding from this man is going shed positive light on the LGBT community is when my gardenias bloom in the Arctic.

Critics have charged that Regnerus’ study is flawed because the study never bothered to answer the question of how children with LGBT parents fare in healthy, stable homes.

Critics also noted what it showed is that kids with at least one parent in a same-sex relationship didn’t fare so well in broken homes.

“An investigation is sorely needed to get to the bottom of how an inferior, politically loaded study found its way onto a mainstream campus at the expense of the institution’s academic integrity,” Wayne Besen, Executive Director of Truth Wins Out, a nonprofit organization that fights anti-LGBT extremism.

“What we are looking at with this study is the equivalent of an ugly push poll or a nasty robo call — with footnotes to give it a veneer of academic legitimacy,” Besen said.


So between the questionable intent of the funding and the inherent flaws in the study itself, Bill Duncan has done nothing more than to try and pass off pseudo-science as legitimate scholarly work.  But, should we really expect anything less than that from the Utah based Sutherland Institute?  In my opinion they’ve been trying to pass themselves off as a ‘think tank’ for years.  So far the only thinking they’ve done is with their ass, which isn’t surprising since their collective heads are buried up the ass of the Utah Republican Party or the Mormon Church Leadership (oh wait… same thing).