June 21, 2012

Salt Lake’s most lovable Tranny Superstar Princess Kennedy launches new blog!

Sum Dum Tranny

Sum Dum Tranny 101

HELLO, and welcome to my blog! For those of you not yet in the know, my name is Princess Kennedy. I am a retired-from-the-stage Tranny Superstar who has spent the past six years of my life in Salt Lake City, UT. Five of those years I have been writing for several publications, such as my still-ongoing monthly column in SLUG (Salt Lake Under Ground) magazine and most recently my weekly column in Now Salt Lake magazine, or as I like to call it – Now Over. It seems the powers-that-be at Media One realized that people go online to read what we were offering in this weekly mag so they shut it down. I agree, and thus the blog. It was impressive to me from the beginning that I would be offered such a place in a mainstream newspaper by such a media giant. I am…

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