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Tell Cincinnati School: Don’t Discriminate against LGBT Teachers

June 16, 2012

Tell Cincinnati that sexual preference of a teacher is not a qualification OR disqualification… What happened to hiring based on a persons ability to do their job! This is one more reason we need ALL of DOMA repealed and the 14th amendment to protect all Americans

Don't Just "Like." Do.

This Human Rights Campaign aims to help curb discrimination against LGBT teachers in Cincinnati. It took me less than 20 seconds to support the cause. Here’s a short description of the effort, from the Human Rights Campaign website:

Last Friday, Jonathan Zeng was offered a job as a music teacher with the Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy (CHCA), a non-denominational Christian academy in Ohio. Later in the day, school officials followed-up with Zeng and asked him about his sexual orientation.

Upon learning Zeng was gay, CHCA rescinded the job offer.

According to Zeng, school officials said that because of the sanctity of marriage and the nature of the job, the school did not hire LGBT teachers. Cincinnati covers sexual orientation and gender identity in their non-discrimination protections.

Please do something to help right now.

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