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Some Of My Best Friends Are Gay

June 16, 2012

All the sponsored programs and educational material in the world don’t make up for our need for LGBT leaders, defenders, and sometimes interventionists. You can’t lead on the sidelines… If you see someone being bullied… STOP the aggressor. It may just save someone’s life.

Diamonds or Coal?

Candle burningIt’s happened again.

Another gay teen has taken his own life because of bullying.

“My name is Brandon Joseph Elizares and I couldn’t make it. I love you guys with all of my heart,” read the note he left behind before he committed suicide on June 2nd in Texas.

Brandon was 16. He will always be 16.

We are, it seems to me, supposed to be better than this. We shake our heads in sadness, or disgust, or because that’s what we’re conditioned to do. Brandon’s school, his mom has said, apparently did all it could to stop the bullying he suffered. Where were the peers who could have stepped in? Where were the leaders and champions? Where were the allies? Where were the friends?

I am pleased to have reconnected with a good friend from high school over the past few years. We grew closest in our senior…

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