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J.C. Penny Sparks Outrage for Featuring Gay Parents in Father’s Day Ad

June 16, 2012

More companies should be following in the footsteps of JC Penny and others like Home Depot who recognize that America is made up of a diverse culture and part of that culture is that millions of children are now raised by same-sex parents. It’s time for bigoted homophobic Bible thumping groups like One Million Mom’s to realize that America isn’t a mom, dad and 2.5 kids with a cat and dog. Congratulations JCP for recognizing LGBT families as a part of your customer base and including us in your marketing.

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J.C. Penny AdJ.C. Penny has sparked outrage among many of its consumers by making the decision to feature two gay dads in their Father’s Day ad, reports CNN.com.

Instead of the cookie-cutter family — mother, father, 2.5 children and a puppy — that ceased to represent America long ago, they used couple Cooper Smith and Todd Koch, parents of two adorable children Mason and Claire.

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This is not the first time that J.C. Penny has sparked outrage over what some consider to be a political stance — as opposed to a basic human rights issue.  After first tapping Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesperson, then in May, featuring lesbian moms in an ad for Mother’s Day, the organization ‘One Million Moms’ waged a public war against J.C. Penny for their lack of “neutrality,” reports Huffington Post.

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