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Doc of the Day: We Were Here

June 16, 2012

My husband and I watched this film together a couple weeks ago. Both of us are too young to remember or understand what was happening and who it was happening to. Not only is this a powerful documentary of a community under fire who pulled together against the odds and supported each other in ways previously unimaginable, but it serves as a BEACON of hope for a better tomorrow. If we could only unite as members of the LGBT community and supporters the way these people united, we my finally achieve the rights and privileges that so many LGBT Americans never had the chance to know.

We Were Here isn’t an ending. It’s only a tragic beginning… We are STILL Here.. and we STILL demand equality… whether that be against job discrimination, marriage equality and every other right that makes us first class citizens. We owe it to our selves and those who died through government inaction during a pandemic to carry their cause AND our cause forward!