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Hate Group Watch: GOProud

January 30, 2012


A recent article in the Gay Patriot stooped to a new low recently. Rather than take an opportunity to unite liberal and gay conservatives in the fight for first class citizenry and equal human rights, the article did nothing more than attempt to drive a wedge in the LGBT movement. An effort the religious right funded Republican Party couldn’t have done better themselves. NOM would be so proud of their baby GOProud organization…

All gay and lesbian conservatives seem to have one experience in common, that of facing the hostile prejudice of our liberal peers. Some but fortunately not all of our ideological adversaries ever so quick to deem any opposition to their agenda as “hateful” seem to harbor themselves a lot of hatred toward individuals who do not share their [view]

As GOProud Board Member Lisa De Pasquale detailed the other day in the Daily Caller:Dan Savage, the “It Gets Better” project’s co-founder, has been just as vicious toward gay conservatives as schoolyard bullies have been toward their gay classmates.

Lisa De Pasquale lashed out at Savage because

Savage referred to the members of GOProud, an organization of gay conservatives, as “gay Quislings and useful idiots.” He said they were just “window dressing” for bigoted Republicans. Like a schoolyard bully….

via GayPatriot » Why Do They Hate?.

Just because your feelings were hurt by Dan Savage’s “Window Dressing” comment, doesn’t mean you should stoop to a level comparing LGBT liberals to school yard bullies who have literally taunted LGBT youth to death…

Shame on YOU! And thanks for validating Dan’s point!