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Idaho Legislators: We Will NOT Protect LGBTQ Citizens from Discrimination

January 11, 2012

Stop LGBTQ Discrimination



Post-it(r) notes are a sticky subject at the Idaho capital.  Members of a group called “Add the Words” was halted by state troopers while placing post-it notes on the glass state capital doors.  Their message?  Add the words “sexual orientation and gender identity” to the Idaho Human Rights Bill.  Since October Idahoans have been mailing and emailing messages asking lawmakers to give legislation protecting the   LGBTQIA population from discrimination a hearing and pass the legislation.

While efforts have been going on since October to have a Human Rights Bill be heard by the House State Affairs Committee legislators were stunned and shocked when the “Add the Words” campaign showed up on their marble door step.  In Idaho, the House State Affairs Committee refused to give the Human Rights Bill a hearing for the fifth year in a row.  Sounds like they’re taking a page out of the Utah LDS Legislator handbook.

[Cody Hafner]  invites the public to post their own sticky notes or if you can’t make it to Boise you can send your request to your lawmakers to amend the Human Rights Bill by submitting it to the Add The Words, Idaho website at www.addthewords.org.There will be an Add the Words, Idaho fundraising party this Thursday, January 12th, from 5:30-8:30 PM at the Beside Bardenay on the Basque Block in Downtown Boise. It will be hosted by more than 30 human rights leaders from across the state. Cost is a $10.00 to $100.00 donation at the door. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION. If you can not attend, you can send a donation to: Add the Words PAC Box 2661 Boise, ID 83701.

via Idaho State Police Attempt to Halt Sticky Note Campaign « The Idaho Agenda.