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CBOT Traders- “We Are the One Percent!”

October 20, 2011

The Occupy Chicago demonstrations are still going strong even after Chicago City Police arrested 175 demonstrators for spending the night in Chicago’s 319 acre Grant Park.

CBOT Trader Sign

As protestors marched past the CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade); traders dropped leaflets saying “We are the 1% Paying for This”…

I guess the traders have already forgotten December 16th 2005 when CBOT laid-off 5% of their workforce after technology made their jobs redundant.  Perhaps it’s time for another round of cuts to refresh their memories!

Chicago Sun Times

December 16, 2005

CBOT to lay off 40

…On the same day that its share price fell by more than 4 percent,

the Chicago Board of Trade said Thursday it will lay off 40

people….The cutbacks affect about 5 percent of the exchange’s work

force and should be completed by Dec. 31, the exchange said after the

market’s close. CBOT President Bernard Dan said extensive spending on

technology made the jobs expendable.

via Google Answers: Chicago-area job cuts.

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