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Robert Jeffress: Gays are Brainwashing America

October 19, 2011


Dr. Robert Jeffress




Robert Jeffress (quotes NARTH Dr. Charles Socrates) to argue that gay activists are using Chinese brainwashing techniques.  As a refresher, NARTH is a group of psychologists who believe ex-gay therapy works… and that Africans were better off as slaves in America, than a free people in their own country…

Anyway- Here’s Jeffress outline on our brainwashing tactics:

1. Desensitize- Show that Homosexuals are just like everyone else

2. Jamming- Causing the public to feel guilty of their bigotry

3. Conversion- Planned psychological propaganda attack

Apparently when all three steps are complete; society is going to accept the “gay lifestyle” as normal.  Mr. Jeffress- We gays don’t have a gay “lifestyle”–we’re born this way.  You have a bigoted pseudo-Christian lifestyle.  You weren’t born a pseudo-Christian with bigoted beliefs… they’re a CHOICE for you.

As an activist, I want to personally thank Mr. Jeffress.  I had no idea how to brainwash the public.  Thank you for educating me on a toolset I can use to help the gays take over the world!