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Bryan Fischer- His Most Bigoted Anti-Gay Remarks

July 23, 2011
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Some of my favorite claims Bryan makes:

1.Hitler couldn’t get straight soldiers to be savage, so he found gays, who had no limits in committing atrocities.

…. basically he’s claiming that the entire Nazi military who executed 6million jews (and gays) were gay.  Obviously there is NO historical facts that back this up.

2. Homosexuals can’t reproduce

… Only partially true… We clearly can reproduce, just not with each other 🙂

3. Homosexuals shouldn’t hold office because of abhorant behavior

… If personal behavior is a reason not to hold office, most of congress would have to resign

4. The number one class of people committing hate crimes are homosexual activists…. They perpetrate the most hate crimes

… clearly no evidence to support this claim

5. Homosexual activity has been contrary to nature since day 1…

… So Bryan is acknowledging that there’s been homosexual behavior since day one… wouldn’t that make it as natural as heterosexual behaivor?

6. Fischer promotes voting your values based on the word of God…

…. Once again, if this was the case, then rarely would a politician be elected to office.


Fischer goes on and on, but honestly, I’m bored with him, and I think I’ve made my point… he’s nothing more than a big mouth bigoted idiot….