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Stopping the Meddling Mormons

July 17, 2011
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I recently read an article on a blog (Two Gay Bullies) who have the same disdane for political correctness as I do.  The story focused primarily on the impact the Jewish community attempted to have on the recent passage of the NY Gay Marriage law.  In the article though, I found a wonderful section dedicated to our local UT villians, the Mormons.  Around these parts, we call them LDS (Latter Day Saints) but that term has never really stuck outside of Zion.  The rest of the country still knows them from the fuzzy glowing commercials they run during news casts… The Mormons.  I chose this section because of it’s local based content and the writers misunderstanding of the Mormons wield their influence.  The writer felt that the Mormon’s didn’t have much to do with the whole NY Gay marriage amendment because there aren’t allot of Mormons in NY.  It’s an understandable misconception, but untrue none the less.

As far as religious entities go, the LDS are pretty slick.  They don’t run around preaching from the pulpits, selling their versions of a Baptist fire and brimstone sermon, nor do they send Rabi’s into the streets to protest.

The Mormon’s have become far more sophisticated than that.  What they prefer to do, is find a good Mormon boy with a beef that wants to start his own organization, and then they help fund it!  They work their magic in groups like Evergreen International (Mormon faith-based ex-gay therapy), The Minnesota Family Council and the National Organization for Marriage.  Why do you think NOM resists providing the government who their donors are?  The Mormons (and the Catholics) don’t want that kind of politically incorrect exposure.

So on the 24th of July when NOM takes to the streets protesting Gay Marriage (by the way, July 24th is a Mormon holiday celebrating their entry into the promised land…Utah), and announces a 2 million dollar spend to oust legislators who voted for Gay marriage, don’t think for one minute that it’s not the Mormon’s meddling in NY affairs like they did in California and Hawaii.  They’re just far more passive-aggressive about it (a skill well and alive in the Great State of Utah).

I really like how the homosexuals of California handled their Prop H8 defeat. Blacklisting their (mostly Mormon and Catholic) opponents guarantees that anyone who disagrees with us will think twice in the future about voting, speaking, or donating money. Blacklisting used to be a bad thing, back when the Hollywood studios used it against the Stalinist Left for about fifteen minutes during the McCarthyite 1950′s. I know it was bad because I’ve seen about sixteen movies and four PBS documentaries about it. But those were just utopian visionaries who wanted to bring the oppressive Soviet system to America, so let’s not compare them to the moral monsters who object to redefining marriage.

That’s why I was thrilled to discover a website pop up after Prop H8 called stopthemormons.[com]. Click on the site on my blog roll. As the bloggers explain in their FAQ, “Stop the Mormons” is not a bigoted, anti-Mormon site because Mormons really do deserve all the hate they get. Personally, I’ve never met a Mormon, but I kind of agree.

via I ♥ NY (The Jews? Not so much.) « twogaybullies.

  1. Peter
    July 18, 2011 at 4:14 pm

    When something does not go someones way, there MUST be someone to blame. SOMEONE must be responsible. It is UNACCEPTABLE that there is no one to blame. In this case, it must be the Mormons. Surely the majority would not vote against gay marriage if they were not tricked into it. Good thing the Mormons are involved, even if they are only 2 percent of California and only a fraction of them were involved. Otherwise we may have to go after the blacks, but that does not look very good.

    • August 5, 2011 at 6:13 pm

      The Mormons did go after the blacks…. They lost….

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