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From The Mouth of Babes…

July 11, 2011

From Dr. Brown’s Gay Parenting Video and Save California’s theory of gay indoctrination to Focus on the Family‘s ‘Day of Dialog’ anti-modern family and gay hate groups have touted the effects of gay marriage and LGBT equal rights on the countries most precious treasure…. children.

These groups often try to exploit people’s fears (while soliciting for donations to continue their ’cause’) that gays are either recruiting children, gay marriage confuses them, or we’re trying to (according to the California Republican Party) indoctrinate them somehow with our as yet unpublished gay agenda (for the record I still haven’t gotten my copy of that!).

Well, in this video, a child meets his first gay couple… and guess what… our alleged attempts to indoctrinate, confuse or subversively recruit him FAIL!

It’s too bad that this child ‘gets it’, yet the likes of the National Organization for Marriage, American Family Association and Focus on the Family can’t see past their own fears to accept people for who they are and that they deserve the same basic rights as anyone else.