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The Price of Equality is Eternal Vigilance!

July 9, 2011
National Organization for Marriage

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The National Organization for Marriage, an SPLC identified hate group, is taking their losing fight for discrimination, bigotry and anti-American values to the streets of New York state in an attempt to reverse the opinions of fair-minded New Yorkers.

They’ve sponsored and funded a new site Let The People Vote.  It’s a site used to rally the bigots and degenerates of the country against core American values such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all.  Their first action is to hold state wide hate rallies in New York state to protest responsible lawmakers who acted in the name of equality.

This is another attempt by NOM to sponsor vigilanty voting and thwart fair-minded lawmakers and justices from protecting and promoting the rights of all Americans.

Folks, NOM is a real threat, backed by extremist political and religious groups and action committees to strip LGBT people of their hard earned efforts to be recognized in this country as first class citizens.  If you don’t think this affects you because you live in a different state or because you’re heterosexual, you’re wrong!

Every attempt NOM makes to reverse LGBT rights and the basic right of equality affects every citizen in every state!  NOM may have subversive political action committees and narrow minded religious groups supporting them, but you can support equality and human rights through donations to national organizations representing the rights of all Americans and help them fight these hate groups who illegitimately claim to be representing Americans. Donate today to your preferred equality groups!

It’s not enough to win equality.  Like freedom itself, we must be eternally vigilant in equalities defense!–Phil B.

NOM Sponsored Hate Rally