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New Facebook Group Takes Aim at Exposing NOM: The NOM Files

July 9, 2011
Brian Brown of NOM

Brian Brown of Hate Group NOM

The National Organization for Marriage, an allegedly Christian organization which has a top 10 spot on SPLC’s Hate Group watch list has recently pledged $2 million dollars to oust NY legislators responsible for getting Gay Marriage passed.  In the past they’ve taken credit for helping remove Iowa justices who protected LGBT marriage in that state.  In addition they’re mounting fights against marriage equality in states like New Hampshire, Maine, New York and Minnesota among others.

One of my favorite bloggers and South Carolina citizen Alvin McEwen of ‘Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters‘ has introduce a fantastic new Facebook group dedicated to exposing the enormous number of underhanded, anti-Christian, anti-Modern family and anti-gay tactics NOM uses on a regular basis.

This is a great way for one-stop shopping to learn more about and exposing an anti-American hate group like the National Organization for Marriage.

I encourage everyone to sign-up and share as much as you can about this organization which is a credible threat to Human and Civil rights in America…

The NOM Files is a new facebook group dedicated to shedding a light on NOM’s activities. Every distortion of the group will be trotted out, every lie will be remembered, and every time NOM tries to hide its donors, it will be given front page coverage.

The rules for The NOM Files are simple. Anyone can join and anyone can post. But I reserve the right to edit posts – which I will only do if the posts don’t fit the mission of the facebook group.

NOM has a lot to answer for. But until the lgbtq community and our allies make it a point to demand these answers, then we’re aren’t going to get them.

via Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters: Introducing The NOM Files.

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