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Islamic scholar Bilal Philips says Execute Gays

July 5, 2011
Bilal Philips-Using Religion to sell Hate and Bigotry

Bigot Bilal Philips



Bilal Philips is peddling a brand of Islam as reprehensible as Evangelical Christians.  He recently said that countries true to Islamic law should execute gays caught in the act.

As the annual Toronto Pride parade worked its way through the city’s LGBTQ community on Sunday afternoon, an Islamic religious scholar addressing a 9,000-strong crowd at the annual Journey of Faith Islamic conference said that, in countries governed by Islamic law, homosexuals caught in the act should be executed.

Bilal Philips, a Canadian who now lives in Qatar, told the Toronto Star that he was expelled from Germany in April for expressing that opinion, but that is what “Islamic law says.”

via Islamic religious scholar: Gays in Islamic countries ‘must be killed’ – LGBTQ Nation.

Bilal is now being investigated by the Ontario Attorney General office on a hate complaint.  Welcome to a non-Islamic government Bilal Philips!