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Transgender Employment Protections Advance in Hawaii

April 16, 2011
The Hawaii state seal.

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Hawaii continues to lead the march towards equality for LGBTs.  Their most recent move is the passage of employment protections for Transgendered citizens in the Senate.  Now back to the house for amendment reviews and a vote.

[On April 12th] the Hawaii State Senate passed employment protections based on gender identity and expression by a 22-2 vote.  The bill contained amendments and will now go back to the House for concurrence before heading to Governor Abercrombie’s desk for his signature.

“The march towards full equality in the Aloha State continues,” said Alan Spector, Equality Hawaii Co-Chair.  “Providing employment protections to transgender citizens in Hawaii is a victory for civil rights and equal treatment under the law for all residents of our great state.”

via Transgender Employment Protections Advance in Hawaii « Human Rights Campaign | HRC Back Story.