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Hate Group’s ‘Day of Dialog’: Using Children to Promote Discrimination and Hate

April 16, 2011
Focus on the Family

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Focus on the Family is promoting Monday April the 18th as a day using children to promote their anti-gay agenda.  Once again, this hate group shows their true colors.  They try and use their warped perception of  ‘Christian’ values to propagate bigotry, discrimination and hatred against the LGBT community.  They’re calling  children a ‘training ground’ and plan to leverage their naivety to influence them against the LGBT community as early as possible.  The site and video promote entering the dialog (by dialog they imply dialog about the evils of homosexuality and same-sex marriage) with ‘boldness’.  They’re providing conversation cards to begin the ‘dialog’.

While calling their day of dialog an opportunity to share their love of God the also specifically point out ‘how’ to have conversations when confronted by homosexuality and gay marriage.  I think I threw up in my mouth a little…

To make sure children promote their anti-LGBT agenda, the prepared cards say things like:

“I also believe that He designed the best plan for our sexuality and relationships.”

Day of Dialog Card

via: Day of Dialog

On their site, Focus on the Family specifically points out to Parents (of course this isn’t on their front page) that:

 …the need for God’s hope has never been greater—especially in our public schools, many of which have increasingly delved into promoting controversial sexual topics to students, such as homosexuality, transgenderism and gay marriage. All too often, this occurs in a way that is extremely disrespectful of parental rights and students’ religious freedoms.
via: Day of Dialog- Parent Info

This is just one more way for this anti-American family to propagate it’s ‘Second Civil-War’ and get more donations.  It’s ironic that a group named ‘Focus on the Family’ does anything but focus on families.  Instead, they incite civil discourse and try and divide Americans along whatever flashpoint topic they can find all in the name of fundraising…