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The Catholic League Blames Gays for Abuse Scandals

April 11, 2011


Truth Wins Out

Catholic homophobe Bill Donohue tried to scapegoat both the Gay and Jewish communities for the behavior of Catholic clergy.  Donohue blames gays for the clergy sexual abuse scandals.  Someone needs to teach Donohue that homosexuality does NOT equal pedophilia.  In addition, he pointed fingers at Orthodox Jews and the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests in that they were encouraging victimization and hatred of Catholicism.

Sorry Donohue, the Inquisitions used by the Catholic church to silence their enemies have long since gone.

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It’s time that Catholicism denounce Papal infallibility and recognize that it’s time to clean house ask God and your communities for forgiveness (turn pedophiles over to local authorities across the globe) and get back to what you started 1800 years ago… preaching the word of Christ… not bastardizing it.

TWO Calls On The Catholic League’s Bill Donohue to Stop Blaming Gay People for Catholic Clergy Sexual Abuse Scandals

BURLINGTON, Vt. – Truth Wins Out today condemned The Catholic League’s Bill Donohue after he tried to scapegoat gay men for Catholic clergy sexual abuse scandals in a full-page New York Times ad. Donohue’s full-throated defense and attempt to blame others highlights Donohue’s role as chief apologist for the unthinkable crimes committed against young people at the hands of trusted clergy in the Catholic Church.

Aside from attacking the LGBT community, The Catholic League’s ad pointed fingers at the Orthodox Jewish Community and the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP). Indeed, Donohue had the nerve to write in the ad that SNAP was “a professional victims’ group” that “are dogmatic in their convictions; their hatred of the Catholic Church palpable.”

via TWO Calls On The Catholic League to Stop Blaming Gay People for Abuse Scandals.

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    The extent that people take their skewed views on both Christianity and homosexuality sicken me. Any other sin is looked upon and being just as wrong (if even that) in the eyes of God as any other sin, so why is it that the Church (meant originally to teach and worship Christ’s love) is able to take people’s personally bigotry against homosexuals to the level of affecting not only which laws are passed, but the execution of the laws already in place. Blaming the Gay community once again for the wrongs of completely separate matters. While their at it, they may as well go tell the thousands of children in developing African countries that the reason the AIDS virus is hurting their families is because of the Gays. Sick.

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