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Lesbian Arson Victims Twice!

April 11, 2011

Remains of Lesbian Arson Victims Home

Not only is this couple a victim of arson, but their victims of nothing less than discrimination and homophobia on the part of their home owners insurance company (ANPAC).  For over seven months, their insurance company has refused to pay the claim, even though the couple has produced all the requested documentation and testimony.  Not only have they lost their home, but they’re having to pay for temporary housing, cost of living expenses, the mortgage on a home that no longer exists AND their insurance premium. 48000+ people have petitioned ANPAC, yet they still refuse to act.


American National Property and Casualty (ANPAC) might want to consider a tagline for their business: “If we insure your home, and it gets burned down in a vicious, anti-gay hate crime, don’t expect us to pay your claim.”

That’s because for more than seven months, a Tennessee couple — Carol Ann and Laura Stutte — have been waiting for ANPAC to process their claim for their destroyed house.

Back in September 2010, Carol Ann and Laura went away for the weekend to celebrate their anniversary. When they arrived back home, they found that their house had been torched to the ground and turned into ashes. Only a garage was left standing, and on the side of the garage was written the word “QUEERS” in big, black spray-painted letters.

No one has ever been held accountable for setting the fire that destroyed the Stutte’s home. And ANPAC, the company that Carol Ann and Laura insured their home with, has gone AWOL, refusing to pay the claim on the property despite the fact that all that remains of the house is ashes.

via Lesbian Arson Victims Plead With Insurance Company for Help | Change.org News.