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22 yo Would Rather Move Than Face Possible Rejection from a Potential Mate

April 11, 2011

I saw this today on one of my favorite blogs TRYSTATE Magazine.  It’s NSFW incase you were tempted to click on the link, but the art is fantastic!  Anyway,  Once I got over the quasi-stalker mindset of this guy I realized how sad this man’s story really is.

He has his whole life in front of him.  He’s 22, and he’s going to move across the country just so he doesn’t have to address his fear of meeting people!  It’s a sad state when we’ve become SO disconnected from each other that he writes to a blog rather than be rejected or accepted by another human being.

The way I see it, there are really two long-term options.  Neither are mutually exclusive.  First, go see a therapist, he obviously needs help in learning how to interact (and even the best therapist is cheaper than moving across country, and two GROW SOME BALLS!  Life is tough, sometimes you get what you want and sometimes you don’t.  But NOT going after what you want will never give you the results you desire.


22 y/o college grad


I am a 27 year old man in Portland.  I go to the same event each week just so that I can see him. If he isn’t there it ruins my whole week.  I stalk his facebook, google him and track his moves. He doesn’t know I exist. When i am near him, my body is on fire. I walk by him and I breathe in deeply to just to smell him. I stare at him inappropriately for long periods of time. I once bought an orange he picked up at the store and put back. I have jerked off thinking of him every night for over 5 months.  I am so ashamed of my behavior that I am going to move to the east coast.  -RTT