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Walmart Firing Of Anti-Gay Employee Upheld by Appellate Court

April 10, 2011
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When an Apostolic Christian employee began screaming and harassing a lesbian employee at Walmart, Walmart took action when ended in termination for the harasser.  As expected, the ‘Christian’ sued Walmart claiming her religious rights were violated. Last time I checked, bigoted remarks and discriminatory behavior weren’t part of Sunday School, but perhaps I was sick that day.  Anyway:

An appellate court has ruled that Walmart did not discriminate against the religious freedoms of an employee by firing the woman for caustic anti-gay remarks directed at a homosexual coworker.

From the Seventh Circuit Court Ruling:

“Over the next three months, Wal-Mart investigated the incident by interviewing and obtaining statements from employees who were present during the conversation. In her statement, Amy reported that Matthews was ’screaming over her’ that God does not accept gays, they should not ’be on earth,’ and they will ’go to hell’ because they are not ’right in the head.’ Five other employees confirmed that Matthews had said that gays are sinners and are going to hell.”

via Walmart Firing Of Anti-Gay Employee Justified, Appeals Court Rules.

By the way… Maybe it’s time to go back and shop at Walmart and skip the anti-gay contributing Target Corp next time I’m out and about…