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US State Department on LGBT Human Rights

April 10, 2011

Seal of the US State Department

Oh the irony.

My mamma always said “don’t be pointing out the dirt in other peoples corners if your house ain’t clean.”  Which is EXACTLY what the US State Department is doing when Hillary says it’s “extremely concerned about state-sanctioned homophobia” yet, in the US:

  • The federal government doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage
  • The government doesn’t extend marriage benefits to same sex married couples
  • The federal government doesn’t afford domestic partner benefits to members of the military
  • Individual states have yet to repeal unconstitutional sodomy laws
  • There are no federal employment or housing non-discrimination laws.

As admirable as Hillary’s statements are, perhaps she and her party need to open up the door of the White House and look outside at what they’re doing to over 9 million LGBT (according to a recent Williams Institute study)  in their OWN country!

The 35th annual human rights report of the US State Department has picked up on “significant disadvantages” experienced by LGBT asylum seekers in the UK.

In launching the report April 8 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton drew particular attention to the report’s identification of abuses against LGBT people internationally:

“Because I believe, and our government believes, that gay rights are human rights, we remain extremely concerned about state-sanctioned homophobia,” Clinton said.

She hoped that the reports which cover every country bar the US itself would “give comfort to the activists, will shine a spotlight on the abuses, and convince those in government that there are other and better ways.” They may also be used to bar aid to certain countries if the US Congress passes recently introduced legislation.

via LGBT Asylum News: US State Dept human rights report picks up LGBT asylum issues in UK.