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Americans to DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act)- Drop Dead!

April 10, 2011

Courtesy The New Civil Rights Movement

The American voters have spoken, and a majority think DOMA, the unconstitutional Defense of Marriage Act that bans legally-married same-sex couples from receiving federal benefits, should be dead. Further, a majority of voters do not want the GOP to defend the law in court, and are in agreement with the president’s decision to not defend DOMA. In a new poll, 51% of voters oppose DOMA, the 1996 bill, while 34% — only one-third of the American people — support the 1996 bill.

Once again, as they did last fall, voters have clearly said that marriage is literally the last issue on their minds. And only 32% of Americans want Congress to defend DOMA, even less than those who support it. A majority oppose Republican efforts to defend DOMA — a whopping 22 point difference.

via Breaking: Americans To DOMA: Drop Dead | The New Civil Rights Movement.