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Truth Wins Out Calls On Republicans to Denounce The American Family Association

April 9, 2011

Truth Wins Out

BURLINGTON, Vt. – Truth Wins Out called on the Republican Party to denounce comments made today by the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer, director of issue analysis, after he published a racist rant on the AFA’s website. TWO also asserted that all GOP presidential nominees, including those who are undecided, should stop attending controversial Pastor Policy Briefings that are bankrolled, in part, by the AFA. According to Truth Wins Out, Fischer’s latest remarks show why the AFA is a Southern Poverty Law Center-certified hate group.

The article goes on to quote Fischer and his racist/bigoted stream of hate:

On African Americans:

“Welfare has destroyed the African-American family by telling young black women that husbands and fathers are unnecessary and obsolete,” said Fischer.  “Welfare has subsidized illegitimacy by offering financial rewards to women who have more children out of wedlock. We have incentivized fornication rather than marriage, and it’s no wonder we are now awash in the disastrous social consequences of people who rut like rabbits.”

On Native Americans:

“In all the discussions about the European settlement of the New World, one feature has been conspicuously absent: the role that the superstition, savagery and sexual immorality of native Americans played in making them morally disqualified from sovereign control of American soil.”

On Gays TWO points out:

The American Family Association also peddles “It’s Not Gay,” a DVD featuring Michael Johnston, who claims that he went from gay to straight through prayer.

The AFA conveniently omits the fact that Johnston had to be shuffled off to a sex addiction facility in 2003 for allegations of group sex with men.

via Truth Wins Out – TWO Calls On The Republican Party to Denounce The American Family Association After Racist Rant By AFA Radio Host Bryan Fischer.