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San Diego: Target Loses Injunction Against Gay Rights Group

April 9, 2011


Canvass for a Cause




As a follow-up to our March 25th story Target Sues Gay Rights Group in San Diego about a pro-gay marriage group (Canvass for a Cause) being sued by Target to stop picketing infront of their entrances at their San Diego locations, the verdict is in.  A California judge ruled against the injunction but not without some parameters:

A pro-gay marriage group can continue to picket Target stores in California but must do so 30 feet away from a store entrance, a judge has ruled.

The retail giant had filed an injunction trying to keep from picketing at its stores statewide. A California Superior Court judge in San Diego County denied that injunction but placed specific rules on what the group can do, according to court documents filed Thursday.

The group can only canvas one store entrance at any given time so customers’ acces to the store isn’t impeded, the judge ruled. Also, group members are not allowed to “harass, follow, stalk, or block movements of Target’s employees, management or customers.”

“Target was denied a restraining order against Canvass for a Cause, citing there was no evidence volunteers were threatening or harassing! This is a win,” the San Diego group said on its website.

via Judge rules gay rights group can picket Target – CNN.com.

Last month, Canvass for a Cause spoke out about the hearing process:

  1. Ace
    April 13, 2011 at 10:04 pm

    Im getting tired of hearing the gays make a big deal out of everything. The world doesnt revolve around your sillyness of gay marriage and being gay. We have other important issues to address in the United States. Many support traditional marriage and relationships so stop taking away our freedom of speech or rights to support groups that we like just because it might offend your “gay rights”. Its funny because the group that is screaming equal rights the most right now are the ones that seem to want to harrass, and shut up anyone who doesnt go along with their gay agenda.

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