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Jason Chaffetz on sucking Glenn Beck’s Teat

April 9, 2011
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Utah Mormon Rep. Jason Chaffetz, known for taking stances like removing all illegal aliens, building a border fence, overturning women’s rights (Roe VS Wade), repealing all gun control laws and of course, lobbying against gay marriage (calling on black citizens of Washington DC to vote against the measure) and never missing a photo shoot or interview to propogate his anti-modern family, xenophobic, these colors don’t run has affirmed his admiration of the prince of anti-American values Glenn Beck.  When asked about his ‘dude, if the Prophet would let me be gay, I’d totally do you’ affiliation with Beck, Chaffetz responded:

“I’m honored,” Chaffetz said. “I have the greatest respect for Glenn Beck. I think he’s a true patriot and somebody I admire and enjoy interacting with.”

“He’s passionate and fired up about what he believes in,” Chaffetz said about the syndicated radio host and Fox News personality. “He’s driven by principle, and I think a lot of people are impressed by that — I am. He stands up for what’s right.

via Rep. Jason Chaffetz embraces Glenn Beck | Deseret News.

I’m not sure what terrifies me more, the fact that Chaffetz aligned himself with such an anti-modern family media whore or that he seems to believe that the married three times (because he was busted cheating on each of them) Beck has principles!  And yet the blind sheep voters of Utah continue to elect him….