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Baylor University Says NO to LGBT Group Forming on Campus

March 28, 2011

Baylor University


Baylor University, a private Baptist “Liberal” Arts school deep in the heart of Texas continues to push its anti-modern viewpoints on students.  These students are legal adults yet Baylor continues to push its anti-diversity message of intolerance.  Last time I checked, intolerance wasn’t a Christian moral….

Baylor University in Texas likes to say it’s the type of school where “the future head of a Fortune 500 company sits alongside those who will found a missionary school in Africa or become a governor of Texas.” But God forbid one of these folks happens to be LGBT. Then it’s an open-ended question: would Baylor bother to recognize that person at all?

That’s because Baylor University has refused to recognize a proposed LGBT group on campus, the Sexual Identity Forum (SIF). The group applied for official status with the university, with the hopes of becoming a neutral, safe discussion group about sexuality issues including hate crimes, homophobia, and LGBT suicide prevention. Apparently that’s a little too much for officials at Baylor University, who denied SIF a charter and said that issues related to human sexuality should be left to “professionals” to discuss, rather than students.

Welcome to Baylor University, where the administration thinks that students aren’t responsible enough to talk about sexuality.

via Baylor University Blocks LGBT Group from Forming on Campus | Change.org News.

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