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Herbert Wises up and Calls a Special Session to Repeal HB477

March 24, 2011

Gov. Gary Herbert

In a change of heart, and probably out of fear of NEVER getting re-elected again, Herbert has finally grown a set of balls that he seems to have left in his desk drawer the first time around.  Initially Herbert acquiesced and signed a bill into law using the lame excuse that it had a ‘veto-proof margin’.  Sometimes Herbert, you have to stand up for things where you may loose, but it’s the RIGHT thing to do.  At least after this last stint we as voters have far better insight into your character and morals (or lack there of).  It’s time you started being a man and not a ‘good Ole boy’ and start doing the job you were elected to do… you know… represent the people of the Great State of Utah!
Oh, and one more thing.  If this law is repealed, the communications which occurred during the short-lived law should be made publicly available..
Gov. Gary Herbert will call the Legislature into a special session Friday to consider repealing HB477, the controversial bill restricting access to many government records.
Citing “a loss of public confidence,” Herbert called Monday for the bill’s repeal. Hours later, after a closed caucus meeting, House Republicans said they plan to repeal the bill as soon as the governor calls a special session.
In a statement, Herbert said he considered a veto of HB477 for its “symbolic value,” but decided against it because the bill had passed with “veto-proof margins.”