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Broadway: The Book of Mormon Musical

March 23, 2011

God's Favorite Musical

The newest novelty on Broadway is the disdain of Gays across the state of Utah.  The quirky fringe group of clean-cut LDS missionaries is drawing the curiosity of New Yorkers like a traffic accident on I-15 in Utah County. From the creators of South Park, “The Book of Mormon” Musical!
The marquee above the theater reads The Book of Mormon. It’s hard to know what O’Neill, who wrote plays that often featured a great deal of despair, would think of the building that bears his name sporting a picture of a smiling, clean-cut, young man in a white shirt and tie jumping in the air next to a sign that reads, “God’s Favorite Musical,” but there it is. Mormonism is the talk of The Great White Way with the March 24 premiere of a musical named after the faith’s favorite book.
New Yorker Bruce Wolfe claimed to know nothing about Mormons while waiting to see a preview of The Book of Mormon on March 4. “I actually wish I knew more.  All I know is Big Love, Mitt Romney and that BYU suspended that basketball player for having sex.”
There you have it folks.  Outside of Utah, Mormonism is a fringe group that generates the curiosity of a traveling Gypsy Freak Show.  The question at the Wasatch Front is, will it be banned by our Religiouslature in Utah?
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