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Mormon NOM Not Happy with New Poll Showing a Majority of Americans Support Gay Marriage

March 21, 2011

A Washington Post/ABC poll which has been conducted annually over the last 9 years now shows a slim majority of Americans think LGBT Marriages should be legal.  This is a great first step for the Modern American Family.  However, not all are happy with the results. 

Brian Brown

The National Organization for Marriage’s President Brian Brown disputes the findings because he doesn’t agree with the question “”Do you think it should be illegal or legal for gay and lesbian couples to get married?”.  Brian thinks that by using the term illegal it implies you’d be arrested. 

Brian, I contend, that if it’s not legal, then it’s by defacto Illegal (though unenforceable) and unrecognized by the Government. 

Cry all you want over semantics, but the fact of the matter is, American’s are more interested in protecting the Modern American Family than your interpretation of a questionable Judeo-Christian view of marriage (as if it’s the only definable marriage).

The Washington Post-ABC poll shows a slim majority of Americans – 53 percent – support gay marriage. The poll adds fire to gay marriage advocates’ efforts to do away with the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which bars same-sex marriage on a federal level and protects states from having to recognize such unions performed in other states.

Spanning nine years, the Post-ABC poll reveals that for the first time support for gay marriage has a clear lead over the opposition.

The poll asked respondents “Do you think it should be illegal or legal for gay and lesbian couples to get married?”


But National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown disputed the poll’s results. He faults the poll’s usage of the word “illegal,” implying that same-sex couples would be arrested for entering into a gay marriage.

via New Poll Favoring Gay Marriage Unreliable, Conservatives Say, Christian News, The Christian Post.

  1. March 31, 2011 at 11:14 pm

    I believe the idea of homosexual marriage is gaining footing in the minds of Americans because most people don’t connect that the term “married couple” equates with “legitimate parents.” If people were asked, “Can homosexual couples effectively replace biological parents?” then the poll results would be different.

    As it is, there are many trends (homosexual adoption and homosexual assisted-reproduction being just two of them) that are moving our society away from the ideal of mother and father raising their own children. Even social scientists at liberal universities, whose ideas are published in liberal outlets, agree that children have the best chances for health and happiness when they are raised by their married biological parents. I am not against gay marriage only; I am against any policy that will increase the number of children growing up without their biological mother and father in their home.

    Homosexuality may be a fact of life, but nature never gave homosexual couples the ability or responsibility of parenthood. If homosexual marriage could be separated from homosexual parenthood, then the issue would be much less important to me.

    There are many non-faith-based reasons to oppose gay marriage. Check out my blog post at mormonworldview.com for more good reasons to oppose gay marriage. I don’t think anyone can refute the soundness of my position. I don’t dislike gays or lesbians or deny that they can have strong or life-long attachments. I only believe that nature never intended them to parent.

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