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The Mormon’s Final Solution to ‘Cure’ Homosexuality

March 20, 2011

At a time when universities conducted shock therapy studies to straighten out gay students, BYU and the Mormon church jumped on the bandwagon.  BYU officially stopped.   Thirty years later though, the Mormon Church through referals in literature and leaders condones and refers members to a closely tied, non-affiliated group, Evergreen International which continues to practice ‘reparative therapy’ in Salt Lake City, UT. 

Joseph Mengele

The Evergreen International Org website states that they’re closely tied with the Mormon church and boasts past General Authority members as part of their Board of Trustee’s.  Interestingly, you won’t find a list of ANY members of Evergreen International on their website.

Evergreen International in their About Us page (Link intentionally omitted) openly admits that they aren’t directed by any mental health care agencies, and has no professional licenses or training.  In fact, the site asserts they assume no liability to a persons well being.  Clearly they take great care in making sure they’re not liable if you undergo their Josef Mengele style experiments.

You can share your concern with Evergreen International using the following contact information:

Evergreen International
307 West 200 South, Suite 3004
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
U.S.A.Ph: 800-391-1000

Email: info@evergreeninternational.org

There’s a skeleton in the closet at Brigham Young University: painful electric shock therapy of gay students as part of a 1976 psychology experiment to literally straighten them out. The patients were students who didn’t want to be gay.

BYU officials say similar studies were conducted at other universities at the time, and the experiments have not been conducted since. Still, the shock treatments and attempts to “cure” homosexuals are worth attention as part of a continuing dialogue about treatment of gays by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Even as the church fought for passage of Proposition 8, the ban on same-sex marriage, the church disputed claims that Mormons are homophobic or biased against gays. That claim, however, is insulting to gays who feel they are being discriminated against, and especially by those who went through electric shock.

Evergreen International

Others continue to practice reparative therapy.

In 1989, 11 Mormon men started a group called Evergreen International, a nonprofit religious and educational organization that provides resources in 20 languages for gay people around the globe. For unknown reasons, most of the resources are slanted toward men.

Evergreen describes itself as “the most complete resource for Latter-day Saints on same-sex attraction” and coordinates therapy for interested members. Whether that therapy has ever included aversion techniques, such as electric shock, is disputed. Evergreen officials say they have never used those methods, but men who have been through the program claim they were subjected to painful treatments.

Official church publications praise Evergreen, saying it is appropriate for LDS Church members struggling with same-sex attraction. LDS hierarchy has instructed bishops and stake presidents to refer gays to this group through education, passing along contact information and in some cases, making appointments. However, church spokeswoman Kim Farah says Evergreen is not associated with the church, and directs questions about its practices to Evergreen.

“The church does not support or recommend aversion therapy,” she says.

All Evergreen funding comes from private donations, and some of those benefactors are private foundations with church ties, says David Pruden, Evergreen executive director.

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