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NY Sen. Mark Grisanti Compares Same-Sex Marriage With House Pets

March 20, 2011

Mark Grisanti

New York Senator Mark Grisanti, who’s recently began accepting the possibility of Civil Unions (after a campaign to change his mind was led by Lady Gaga)  but feels marriage is only between a man and a woman.  He says it’s a term of ‘ours’ that’s been around for thousands of years and doesn’t think it needs changed.  Mark?  Exactly who is ‘ours’?  Also, you’re correct it’s a term that’s been around for thousands of years and in many cultures marriage has been accepted between two people of the same-sex.  So, I guess the term is ‘ours’ too!  In fact, Some Native American tribes practiced same-sex marriage well before Christianity existed, so I guess the term marriage is really ‘theirs’! 

In either case, it’s sad when a representative of the American people makes uneducated and intolerant statements to the public.  Even further it’s sad that he’s distorted Christianity to represent anything other than love, tolerance and respect for other human beings.  I doubt Jesus would have compared the love between two people to house pets. 

On March 9, Sen. Grisanti did a radio interview in which he compared marriage equality with house pets. If that sounds like a ridiculous comment, it’s because it was. The Senator also said that he would support civil unions, but not formal marriage for gays and lesbians.

“Civil unions and all the proponents that go along with that, I have no problem with,” Grisanti said. “I have a problem with the term marriage itself. To me, marriage is between a man and a woman. It’s been a term, a term of ours for years that has been around for thousands of years. It’s like calling a cat, a dog. I don’t think that that needs to be changed.”

Openly gay state Senator Tom Duane responded to Grisanti’s comments, and pretty much sums it all up. Duane says:

It is truly sad and unfortunate that Senator Grisanti would publicly compare marriage equality and my right to marry the person I love, with cats and dogs.

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