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Killer Stones ‘Friend’ for being Gay

March 20, 2011

John Thomas


The alleged killer, John Hoe Thomas says he stoned Murray Seidman (70 yrs old) because Seidman had made continuing sexual advances towards him.  He chose stoning, because that’s what the Bible says to do. 

 However Thomas tries to hide behind the Bible, he obviously was aware of U.S. law and chose to not report the incident for 5 days, then returned to the house and called police saying he’d just discovered the body.  Hmmm.  Sounds less like a biblical lesson and more like trying to cover up a crime to me…  Conveniently, the crime occurred after Thomas had been made executor and beneficiary of Seidman’s will. 

A Delaware County man has been arrested and charged with murder in the beating death of an elderly Landsdowne man who had befriended him and made him executor and sole beneficiary of his will.

John Joe Thomas, 28, of the first block of Sunshine Road in Upper Darby, allegedly told police he killed Murray Joseph Seidman, 70, because the older man had made sexual advances and that the Old Testament spelled out stoning as the punishment for homosexuality.

“I stoned Murray with a rock in a sock,” Thomas said to police, according to court documents.

via Police: Killer invoked Old Testament in ‘stoning’ death – Philly.com.