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LGBT Parents More Accepted than Single Mothers Report Says

March 19, 2011

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Americans are more accepting of families led by gay and lesbian partners than those of single mothers, a new Pew Research Center report says.

Results of a survey of 2,691 Americans indicated a third of Americans are comfortable with a wide variety of family situations; a third consider nontraditional arrangements to be damaging to the country’s social fabric, while a third approve of some arrangements but not others.

via Single mothers less accepted than gay parents, report says | Deseret News.

Once again, this just goes to show how organizations such as the Mormon National Organization for Marriage, Family Research Council and the American Family Association are out of touch with every day American’s and their fight against the Modern American Family is nothing more than a fringe attempt to pervert Americans for their own self-serving anti-American agenda.  All three organizations are on the Southern Poverty Law Center Hate Group watch list. 

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