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About Release Dorothy!

March 19, 2011

Release Dorothy!


ReleaseDorothy.com is dedicated to sharing current issues and information affecting the LGBT community along the Wasatch Front.

We chose the title of this blog, “Release Dorothy” for a few reasons… 

First, because it’s a cry out to those who through ignorance, hate, bigotry, bullying, religious fervor or silence to STOP treating LGBT people as second class citizens, discriminating against us and judging us for who we are…

Second, because we see it as a call to arms… to every LGBT youth, adult and friend… RELEASE Dorothy!  Let her stand up, stand proud and stand out!  Stop hiding yourselves among your straight peers, within your families, from your spouse and among your coworkers.  As LGBT we unlike many other minorities can hide among the masses…. we chose who, how and when to share who we are with others.  It’s time to show our strength!  Step out, step up and be counted. 

Being apart of a silent majority of LGBT is no longer acceptable.  Use your voice, your words, your economic power and take ACTION! 

  • Don’t shop at businesses who further the anti-gay discriminatory agenda
  • Vote against politicians who continue to stifle equality legislation- LGBT Rights are Human Rights!
  • Attend rallies & protests to further the LGBT community causes-Speak Out!
  • Volunteer and donate locally

Take action for those who fought and died for who they were, do it for those children who took their own lives because of bullying or being ashamed of who they are.  Take action for future generations so that they will not endure what we’ve endured. Take action for yourself… be a better person, server a higher cause and release YOUR inner Dorothy!

We hope this information (and opinion) sharing endeavor enables and empowers open-minded people to stand up, speak out and act on the behalf of a community which is under constant attack from bigoted political, religious and social leaders across the globe.

If you would like to contact us directly you may email us at: releasedorothy@gmail.com

Phil Black