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Ruth Institute President Attacks Modern Marriage

February 22, 2011

Jennifer Roback Morse

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse founder of the Ruth Institute in her lecture at Franciscan University openly attacks modern marriage.  Not only does she attack marriage in the context of same-sex marriage but her argument that the “Essential Public Purpose of Marriage”  is to attach mothers and fathers to children from infancy to adulthood shakes the foundation of civil and religious marriage for many heterosexual couples as well. 

She argues that if there’s no need to attach parents to children that there’s no need for marriage at all.  That means:

1. Married couples (heterosexual or homosexuals) who don’t bear children shouldn’t be married or their marriage should be invalidated. 

2. It also means that heterosexual couples who chose marry later in life (after child-bearing years) should also be denied marriage since it doesn’t fit into the “Public Purpose”. 

3.  Additionally, one could argue that once a married couple raises children to adulthood their marriage should be annulled since it no longer serves a public purpose.

Her views only further the reality that bigots will stop at nothing to further their agenda of hate and discrimination regardless of the collateral impact it has on the freedom and rights of others and the whole of American society.

An interesting side note, Dr. Jennifer is a married Catholic mother of two (a girl born in 1991 and an adopted Romanian boy born in 1989).  Both children are now legal adults.  Following her own advice, I’m assuming she’ll file for divorce because her marriage no longer serves “The Essential Public Purpose of Marriage”!