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SPLC: Neutrality Does Not Stop Anti-Gay Bigotry

February 21, 2011
Southern Poverty Law Center

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Another victory for equality and fair treatment!


Recently, Minnesota’s largest school district was beset by tragedy.

A string of student suicides – some likely related to anti-gay bullying, according to community advocates – had rocked the Anoka-Hennepin School District. When several other student suicides made headlines across the country in September, it only underscored the urgent need to address the rampant anti-gay bullying and prejudice in our schools.

Inaction or denial would only invite more tragedy.

An SPLC lawsuit has protected the rights of two lesbian students in Minnesota’s Anoka-Hennepin School District. Desiree’s and Sarah’s right to participate as a couple in their school’s Royal Court procession was restored after the school altered the event to keep them from walking as a couple. The school district has been beset by a string of suicides—including by several LGBT students who suffered harassment from their fellow students. The case is part of SPLC’s ongoing work in the district to address anti-LGBT bias.

via Neutrality Not Enough to Stop Anti-Gay Bigotry | Southern Poverty Law Center.