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PRIDE in Utah » Ogden City Newspaper Promotes Hate Groups As “Pro-Family”

February 21, 2011

The  anti-modern family Eagle Forum was recently covered in the Ogden Standard Examiner as a pro-family organization.  This is an organization that sells itself in it’s principles as:

Family: We believe it is the responsibility of every citizen, especially public officials, to oppose philosophies and programs which usurp parental rights or diminish the role of the family.




However, frequently the Utah Eagle Forum does just the opposite.  They have lobbied against expanding adoption to place children in loving caring homes.  They proclaim in their ‘principles’ they promote free expression of religious values, however they condemn any value that is not aligned with the Mormon cults leadership.

Ogden, Utah – The Standard Examiner apparently doesn’t like to do much fact checking on their stories. In their recent issue, they released a story promoting the anti-family, anti-gay hate group Eagle Forum as somehow being a “pro-family” organization. Have you met Gayle?

As an example, this year Utah Eagle Forum president Gayle Ruzicka and a handful of her cronies all testified against a bill which would have allowed children to be adopted by both of their parents, rather than just their biological parent. SB 62 would have allowed the biological parent of a child to designate who they wanted as the 2nd parent, lika an un-married partner, parent or other family member.

But rather than let these straight forward child protection laws passed, Ruzicka worked as hard as possible to ensure that if a single-parent passes away, their children end up in foster care rather than with the rest of their family.

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