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American Family Association Targets Native Americans

February 21, 2011
Southern Poverty Law Center

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Bryan Fischer is absolutely out of control.  I’m beginning to think that he simply hates anyone but himself.  It’s not enough that he continually wages a hate war against the LGBT community which has earned him and his group a spot on the SPLC Hate Watch list, but now he’s going after a race who was destroyed by state sponsored genocide and claiming it’s their own fault!  Next thing you know he’ll be claiming that because African’s weren’t Christian that it’s their own fault they were enslaved and brought to Christian America….

Bryan Fischer, the director of issue analysis for government and public policy at the American Family Association (AFA), has expanded his astounding bigotry to include not just Muslims and LGBT people, but Native Americans as well.

In a post published Monday on the Rightly Concerned blog – a project of the AFA – Fischer railed on native peoples for not being Christian, claiming it’s their own fault that they lost their land and were forced onto reservations to cope with terrible living conditions.


Picking and choosing his history, Fischer essentially blamed violence between Indians and whites on Indians, who rather than embracing Christianity, murdered missionaries in cold blood, and rejected George Washington’s “direct counsel” to give up their own ways of life and learn, above all, “the religion of Jesus Christ.”

via American Family Association Official Has New Target: Native Americans | Hatewatch | Southern Poverty Law Center.