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Colorado Democrats Introduce Same-Sex Civil Union Bill

February 20, 2011
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Colorado Democrats have figured out something the Republican’s in Colorado haven’t.  Equality and Inclusion attract jobs and positively effect the economy!  By introducing a bill to establish civil unions in Colorado, Representatives hope to promote equality and in effect, grow the economy by attracting quality job seekers, companies interested in diversity and inclusion, and the economic gains that come with people coming to the state to seek a civil union. 

 Thus far, every state (including Iowa) who’s evened the marriage playing field has GAINED economically from the influx of people coming to the state to have a civil union.  In addition, local residents are more likely to spend money celebrating their unions and cointinuing to invest in a dismal economy initated by the last Republican President. 

This effort to increase the economy and provide an environment that attracts modern companies and high-quality employee’s seems to escape opponents of the bill such as Mike Kopp who ‘claim’ to be promoting job growth.  Hmmm.  A Republican talking out of both sides of his mouth?  Shocking!

State Sen. Pat Steadman, D-Denver, on Monday introduced a bill to establish civil unions in Colorado, creating a state-sanctioned relationship for same-sex couples. And because the legislation debuted on Valentine’s Day, a supporter of the bill dressed as Cupid delivered construction-paper “links of love” to legislators during the lunch hour, meant to demonstrate support from around the state for the proposal.

“Civil unions will allow committed couples to share in the responsibilities and protections in Colorado law that most families take for granted,” Steadman said. “Our society is stronger when we promote personal responsibility and taking care of one another, and civil unions do just that.”

The legislation would grant couples of any gender the ability to enter into a civil union by purchasing a license from county clerks. It would establish inheritance, property and decision-making rights that are available under current law to married couples. The bill creates a legal framework for dissolving the unions, and religious officials are explicitly excluded from having to certify civil unions. (The state doesn’t require clergy to conduct marriages, either, the bill’s sponsors pointed out.)


Senate Minority Leader Mike Kopp, R-Littleton, turned a cold shoulder to the proposal when Steadman began discussing it last month. His office didn’t respond to a request for comment this week.

“The people of Colorado have asked us to streamline government, cut regulatory burdens and create a more business-friendly environment in Colorado,” Kopp said in a statement in January. “They have not asked us to revisit the decision they made in 2006 where they voted down recognition of civil unions. While Democrats certainly have the freedom to introduce this legislation, the Senate Republicans will continue to focus on our agenda of limiting the size of government, public safety and promoting job growth.”

via Bill introduced for civil unions for same-sex couples | Colorado Statesman.

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