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Utah Legislator LaVar Christensen Introduces Anti-Gay Anti-Modern Family Legislation

February 6, 2011

Utah State Representative LaVar Christensen (R-Draper) has introduced a bill intended to discriminate against LGBT and single parents in the State of Utah.  This man and his anti-modern family values needs stopped at all costs.  He promotes an anti-freedom religion adoption of the definition of a family and marriage as well as open discriminiation against anyone falling outside his personal ideal.  Contact your legislator and tell them NOT to vote for HB270.









Chief Sponsor: LaVar Christensen5

Senate Sponsor: ____________6



General Description:9 This bill modifies Title 30, Husband and Wife, by enacting language relating to the

10 family.


Highlighted Provisions:12 This bill:


< states, as the public policy of Utah, that a family, consisting of a legally and14 lawfully married man and woman and their children, is the fundamental unit of

15 society; and


< requires that publicly funded social programs, government services, laws, and17 regulations designed to support families be carefully scrutinized to ensure that they

18 promote the family.


Money Appropriated in this Bill:20 None


Other Special Clauses:22 None


Utah Code Sections Affected:24 ENACTS:


30-1-4.2, Utah Code Annotated 195326


Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:H.B. 270 02-02-11 11:50 AM

– 2 –

28 Section 1. Section

30-1-4.2 is enacted to read:29

30-1-4.2. Public policy in support of family.30 (1) The institution of marriage and family, consisting of the legal union of a man and a

31 woman and children conceived and born to, or adopted by, the married couple as father and

32 mother, is the fundamental unit of society and the optimum environment in which to nurture

33 and raise a child.

34 (2) Marriage and family predate all governments and are supported by and consistent

35 with the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God, the Creator and Supreme Judge of the World,

36 affirmed in the nation’s founding Declaration of Independence.

37 (3) Marriage represents the legal sanction and approval of society and is essential to

38 ordered liberty and public virtue.

39 (4) Procreation within marriage links generations and is fundamental to the perpetuity

40 of humanity.

41 (5) (a) Families anchored by both a father and a mother, fidelity within marriage, and

42 enduring devotion to the covenants and responsibilities of marriage are the desired norm.

43 (b) Cultures and societies where laws, practices, and public policies protect, preserve,

44 and promote such enduring and time-honored family values and principles are happiest,

45 healthiest, and most stable.

46 (6) The furtherance and protection of order and public morality are legitimate and

47 substantial government interests.

48 (7) To the extent social problems arise that adversely affect the desired optimum family

49 condition, such as the dissolution of marriage, crime, poverty, immorality, violence, and other

50 conditions that place added responsibilities on individuals and communities through publicly

51 funded and administered social programs and government services, laws and regulations shall

52 be carefully scrutinized to determine how they impact the family and the protection of children.

53 (8) (a) The laws of the state shall, to the fullest extent possible, strengthen, safeguard,

54 and sustain families.

55 (b) They shall respect and promote the essential and complementary roles of both a

56 father and a mother and uphold this public policy for the greatest public good.”

via http://le.utah.gov/~2011/bills/hbillint/hb0270.pdf

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